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Namibia's Industrial Heritage, Tsumeb 1900 - 2015
148 pages hardcover, 150 photographs (19 in full size, 55 in color), historic maps and unpublished historic Photographs, bilingual English and German.

Din-A 4 landscape (21 x 29.5 cm) 82 SW pages, 66 color pages

The book reconstructs the development of colonial copper mining from historic photographs, maps and texts found in various archives worldwide. Tsumeb is famous among mineralogists, and considered an extremely complex and spectacular source for copper, lead, zinc, a few grams per ton of cadmium, silver and germanium plus manifold arsenic minerals. Collectors worldwide praise the specimens' outstanding beauty.

What was intended as a ten year mining venture lasted for 90 years, survived two world wars, economic depressions and has become Namibia's third largest town.

The book is thoroughly researched from historial literature and comes with an extensive reference. Thus it may well serve as a reliable starting point for future research, while lovers of coffee table books will like its attractive design.

A must-have for all collectors, geologists, miners and historians.

Industrial Heritage

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